Want to Join?

Eastside Rugby is always looking for new players of all skill levels. We regularly get both experienced and first time players to our club and both are equally welcome. Our training location and schedule can be found on the Schedule tab.

If you’d like to hear a little more about rugby before coming out please reach out to us using our Contacts page or visit us on Facebook. And sign up for our club email list by clicking on this link (Eastside Axemen List Serve) and filling out the form.

See our Club Flyer here!

What should You expect?

Your first rugby experience will involve plenty of ball-handling, running, kicking, and drills aimed at developing power, maneuverability, fitness and speed. You’ll also learn about scrums and line-outs, the set pieces that are unique to rugby and that seem so odd to the uninitiated. At your first rugby practice you only need to be involved in a level of full contact that you’re first comfortable with.

What should You wear?

Most of us wear shorts regardless of the cold, but sweatpants are fine too. Running shoes will work at first but if you have cleats of any kind they are much better. Don’t wear anything that you wouldn’t want grass-stained or splattered with mud. Once you become a member of the team, you can build your own “kit”, including rugby boots, black rugby shorts, and a mouth guard!

Social Aspects of Rugby

Eastside Rugby is as much of a ‘club’ as we are a sports team. After every match the opposing teams meet for the social, or ‘drinkup’, with plenty of food and beer. We also sponsor several non-match social events throughout each year. These include both fundraisers and informal get togethers. Our club includes members who are players and supporters. No other team sport has quite the same spirit of camaraderie as rugby!

Club membership requirements and cost

If you are coming to your first practice you don’t need to worry about fees and dues right away. Before for your first match you need to meet the requirements of a Union Player. A Union Player is defined as a player who will practice with the club and play in any of the union matches. Union matches include all Friendly and Division Matches under PNRFU (the Pacific Northwest Rugby Football Union) and USA Rugby, as well as any summer 7s tournaments.

Member Player requirements

  • Be current with dues payment
  • Be a member in good standing
  • Be registered with USA Rugby through the CIPP Process
    • Dues may be paid in full or through subscription at PayPal. For those in financial circumstances that make paying yearly dues difficult, the club officers will work with you on a case-by-case basis. We want everyone who’s interested to join us in having a great time playing rugby!

USA Rugby Registration

In the United States, the sport of rugby union football is overseen by USA Rugby. To play competitively with any local rugby union you must be a member of USA Rugby.

USA Rugby registration is not included in club dues. We separated the USA Rugby Registration fee from the dues to be able to take into consideration our members who are social rugby players and supporters. USA Rugby CIPP registration is completed directly through the USA Rugby website. Included with USA Rugby CIPP you will receive health insurance that is good for injuries incurred during any practice or USA Rugby sanctioned event.

See this blog post for detailed instructions.