• Eastside Rugby is a 501C3 non-profit organization. All dues and donations to the club are tax deductible.
  • Our tax identification number (TIN): 91-1838524

Player Dues

Whether new or veteran to the club, we need all players to pay dues. Players can either pay a one-time fee or get setup with reoccurring payments. Dues need to be paid by the end of their first week of training. If you choose the one-time payment inquire with club officers about a 2 month parking pass with Marymoor park.

Reoccurring payments are configured for $20/month for new players and $25/month for veterans. Dues, along with club fundraising, pay for field and lights rentals, training equipment, misc materials like paint, and some  social costs. Dues can be paid most easily by clicking on the Paypal links below.  These systems are set up for ease and will make an automatic monthly withdrawal to cover your yearly dues like a typical gym membership.

Alumni Dues

ERFC are a club that has been around since 1991 and runs generations of players long and the support is vital to the ongoing growth and success of the club. As such we ask that all non-playing alumni of the Eastside Axemen enroll in our Alumni Dues program that provides ongoing club support with a monthly payment of $7.50.  This support allows the team to invest in future improvements like better equipment and tournaments abroad. As Alumni we encourage continued participation in Eastside Rugby through match attendance and most especially playing in our annual 30/30 Match (where the over 30-year-old’s play the under-30-year-old’s). Please click on the “Alumni” link below to enroll in our Alumni Support Program.


One Time Donation/Dues

New players owe $100 & current players owe $150

(covers half season)

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New Player ($20/month)
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Alumni Program ($7.50/month)
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Veteran Player ($25/month)
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Support Eastside Rugby with Amazon Smile

If you’d like to support Eastside Rugby please use the link below to sign up for the Amazon Smile program. Amazon will donate 0.5% of all your purchases back to Eastside Rugby Club at no cost to you.

Simply go to smile.amazon.com when you shop at Amazon!