Eastside Sevens

Eastside Sevens to Tacoma Aroma 7’s Tournament!

We attended the Tacoma Aroma Seven’s Tournament on July 28th!

Much fun was had by all.

Location of sevens and touch trainings:

Crestwoods Park Athletic Fields
1818 6th Street
Kirkland, WA

We are going to continue with touch rugby for some added fitness on August 2nd, 9th, and 16th (6:30 – 7:30 pm).

Look for us on the soccer field past the picnic area.


One thought on “Eastside Sevens

  1. Tom’s Unofficial Match Report

    It was a pretty good Saturday for the Axemen’s summer 7s and a good showing for the Tacoma Aroma 7s tournament. We were met with some tough competition and outstanding play from the Axemen Rookies and old boys.

    Axemen came out swinging in the first match of the day against the Portland Jurassic Pigs. Taking it to the Pigs in the opening minutes with several well run lines by Brinley “the sour kiwi captain”, Clayton “bowling ball” Tye, and Carl “beauty-locks” Reichenbach. Converting only 2 of those tries and allowing only one try by the Pigs Axemen felt confident in their standing to then rotate in 4 of the 5 allowed subs. Either the Pigs were pissed or Tomand the filthy subs were not quite the men our starting 7 were. After some loose defense and fast breaks the Axemen saw the Pigs rally 3 big trys. Tom’s foot pussy opened up only after being on for 2 minutes and he limped off to the trainer tent. Axemen faced down their first loss of the day with pride though and moved on to get ready for the rest of the games that day.#OldBoysStillGotIt #DontTustTom #BrinleyKickedACrossBallToNobody#AndrewSmithSaidFUCKKKK#ClaytonAlmostDidntCenterTheBallWhenAloneInTheTryZone

    Axemen stepped up again with a solid match with Quake that should have been one but poor play by one player with a taped ankle stifled that for the Axemen. Dropping a quick try to Quake that didn’t convert, but then responding with a brilliant try by Billy “the cat man does” Tilson the Axemen looked sharp. This is where it went to hell though. With an unintentional skip pass to Tom “who the fuck is this” Leon, Tom took a hard line through the gain line and got too excited, and subsequently slid and planted the ball a few 5 meters short of the try zone. Whomp whomp whomp. The foul play resulted in a 5 meter scrum to Quake. The forwards got a great shove and stole possession, but failed to do anything with the ball and eventually turned it over again leading to another try by Quake. Second half found the Axemen pounding inside of Quake’s 22 with great ball movement and retention. All until Quake’s forward of the match Tom “what the fuck were you thinking” threw the ugliest ball in an attempt to hit Cole “still drunk from last night” Hardwick, that went forward. Again stealing the ball in the scrum, the forwards redeemed Tom’s dumb rugby antics. Maintaining possession and getting ever closer to to scoring a try, Tom made a double move, trying to avoid the ever seeing eye of Sauron *cough* I mean the Sir. Again turning the ball over and resulting in a scrum. The forwards could not muster the strength to steal this scrum though. End result was Quake taking the game and capitalizing on some key mistakes for a couple more trys, and handing Eastside their second loss of the day. #whothefuckkeptgivingTomtheball

    The Axemen recovered under the tent city they raised and watched some quality rugby going on around at the other fields. Getting refreshed with some well deserved food and sock koozied barley water in cans, the Axemen were ready for their final match of the day. Stepping out onto the pitch with a ragtag group of men, Axemen was ready to bring it to Tacoma. Brinley “el skipperino” led the first charge with great movement of the ball between literally every single person on the Axemen’s side of the pitch after conceding the first try to Tacoma and scoring a brilliant try to match. A quick try was again set up with great ball movement on the pitch and solid defensive efforts, putting the Axemen up on Tacoma. With everyone showing how out of shape they were, the Axemen were happy to welcome on the rolling subs, however in doing so seemed to loose momentum as Tacoma scored two tries in the second half and attempting a drop goal by one of their #powerwings near the touch line that found nothing but open skies. As the sir’s watch ticked closer and closer to the 7 minute mark, the Axemen with their mercenaries again pressured the try line. A crashing run off the wing, and a quick hard run by Brian “these are my power shorts” Johnson found Tacoma on their back foot. This allowed a clever pop offload to a flying Kiwi for the try. All together the Axemen were able to secure the Draw in the closing seconds of the match. Walking away not completely defeated.

    Saturday hopefully is the foreshadowing of what is to come in this season for the Axemen. Great showing by our newcomers and a solid performance all around from everyone on the pitch. We are planning on continuing the club’s Thursday practice at Crestwoods park in Kirkland until we begin our regular season practices in a few weeks. Per a fair consensus at the tournament, practices are going to shift from 6 to the by popular demand 6:30. We are going to take this time to keep working on fitness, and creating an environment for our new players to continue to learn our system.


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